1. march 17th, 2014. 23 de enero, caracas. © natalie keyssar

  2. march 16th, 2014. altamira, caracas. ©natalie keyssar. 

    ….now off to shoot an engagement brunch….

  3. Caracas, Venezuela. March 2014. © natalie keyssar

  5. Got all vertical at my first ever fashion week shoot this week for the WSJ. (Back stage at Rachel Comey’s Red Hook showing.) © natalie keyssar

  6. Syrin at home. East New York, February 01, 2014. Outtake from Flatbush Arabesque.

  7. Riis Park, August 2013. Outtake from Flatbush Arabesque. © natalie keyssar.

  8. November, 2013. East Flatbush, Brooklyn. Outtake from my ongoing project, Flatbush Arabesque. © natalie keyssar

  9. Tharketa, Myanmar. July 2013. ©natalie keyssar

  10. Nyo Ma in her home in Hlaing Thar Yar in Yangon, Myanmar. Outtake from The Fifteenth Child, a story about Child Mortality in Burma for the Global Post. July 4th, 2013. © natalie keyssar. 

  11. East Flatbush, around 3am. November 2013. From my ongoing project Flatbush Arabesque. © natalie keyssar

  12. #selfie

  14. NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly poses for a portrait in his office, during the final days of his 12 year term. © Natalie Keyssar for The Wall Street Journal. 

    See article here.

  15. The Cannery, Philadelphia. February 2013. © natalie keyssar